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Our Story

At Moku-Moku, our main aim is to inspire green living. It all started in the charming town of Lukut, nestled in Port Dickson, where we began supplying oyster mushrooms to local markets.

As our relatives and friends became curious about mushroom farming, we saw an opportunity to share our knowledge and passion. This led us to create the incredible Moku-moku Box, allowing people to grow their very own mushrooms right at home or in their workspace. It's an exciting and unique experience that puts you on the path to enjoying self-grown food.

We sincerely hope that you'll have an enjoyable journey growing mushrooms with our special box. Whether you incorporate them into a delicious home-cooked meal or savor them in a steamboat, you can proudly tell your friends, 'I grow my own mushrooms!'

Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

Mervin Low and Sean Chai
The Founders

Our Team

The uniqueness of our team lies in the fact that none of us are full-time members. We dedicate our free time to keeping this project afloat, driven by our unwavering passion to share the joy of self-growing food. Our motivation stems from the desire to inspire others and create a fun and fulfilling experience.

Our journey resembles a moving train, with team members onboard as passengers, each bringing their unique skill sets and experiences to contribute to our cause. Every individual plays a crucial role in keeping the momentum going, united by our shared passion. We also honor the contributions of past members who have been part of our team, recognizing the impact they've had on our growth and success. Together, we strive to inspire others, create memorable experiences, and build a community that embraces the joy of self-growing food.

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Mervin LOW




Online Sales Manager

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Sean Chai


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Winson TEH

Offline Sales Manager

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Public Relation

About Us

Fun Mushrooming Out of the Box! 

With an unwavering commitment to unquestionable integrity, we make every decision with the utmost consideration for society, morality, and the well-being of our beloved mother nature. Fuelled by entrepreneurial spirits, we foster an environment that nurtures creativity, constantly exploring new possibilities and seizing opportunities. Efficiently allocating capital and resources, we transform ideas into reality. Our compassion knows no bounds, extending to both nature and society. We believe in giving back, valuing the importance of environmental consciousness and actively contributing to the betterment of our world.​

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Moku-Moku DIY Mushroom Kit

To bring fun and excitement on farming to the urban society. 
To inspire consumers to green & sustainable living with products 
and programmes that specifically crafted to create fun, experiential 
learning, and environmental awareness.

Moku-Moku brand is associate with environmental friendly and 
sustainable company. Bring impact to consumer’s life on healthy food 
and lives healthy lifestyle. 


Achieving Environmental Friendly Product Cycle

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